bottle cap and stick shakers

we finally finished one of our vacation crafts that we started. the idea for these shakers comes from an ipod app from Disney Family Craft Finder - such a fun app to help you think of new ideas for kids crafting. we found some forked branches on vacation and alex painted them green. i then sawed them off - and actually i still need to sand paper down the ends to make them smoother. my husband put holes in bottles by hammering a nail thru them and then flattening them with a hammer. alex and i strung the bottle caps and pop tabs to the branches with some thin crafting wire. i didn't want any loose wires hanging out and wanted to help secure the wire so i went over that part with some gorilla glue - that wire is not budging now. they turned out pretty well and actually make some pretty good noise - if we had boiled the bottle caps and removed the rubber insides it would have been a stronger noise but we did not go that far and they still make some nice sounds.
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