shrinky dink fun

this weekend, alex and i had a girls weekend so we decided to have lots of shrinky dink fun creation time. she seemed to be in her blue period this weekend since that was the only color she wanted to use. it has been quite some time since i've created any shrinky dinks and i wanted to try to make some rings. well, the rings didn't work out so well, as you can see from my photo of my failed attempt. i got partway around my form trying to mold the ring before it hardened all the way - you have to work a lot faster than i thought. i think the shrink mustashes turned out well, we'll turn those into necklaces at some point. it was fun, the only other downside was that our oven doesn't have a viewing window to watch the shrinky dinks curl up and shrink and flatten back out - that's always the best part.
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