alex in wonderland's dress

as i've mentioned before, alex's fourth birthday party is an alex in wonderland tea party theme. i've been planning and crafting alice inspired clothing and decorations. and i've been trying to get back into sewing - i have not made any clothes (except for a simple wrap skirt) in over ten years! i was originally planning on finding a plain white dress that i liked for alex and then dyeing it and embellishing it, but since i want to get better at sewing and i couldn't find a base dress that i liked i decided to start from scratch. i used a burda pattern 9595 dress A. i'm surprised actually that the dress turned out so well - i absolutely love the fabric choices i found, and the ribbon trim embellishments are great. the only thing i don't like about the dress is that it's too big for alex and she looks frumpy - i have never been good at fitting the clothes that i make - but i guess more practice is what it takes. it'll still work though, she just might be swimming in her dress - but i suppose that kind of goes with the whole size changing aspect of alice in wonderland anyways (at least that's what i'll use as my excuse).
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