alex in wonderland's purse

i had extra material from making the alex in wonderland dress so i decided to make a purse to match. my original plan was to make a square shell and add blue fabric flowers all over the outside. i happened to already have a black purse handle so i used that to gauge the sizing of the shell of the purse. i made the inside lining of the purse that great black and white stripe fabric from the dress and then i cut out circles from the blue fabric to make the roses. i cut the circles into spirals thinking that could be rolled up into a nice fabric rose. well, i didn't like the look of the rose, i don't know if that's the proper way to go about trying to make a fabric rose or not but it was too tight for my liking so i decided to take those spirals and just hand sew them onto the purse shell to make ruffles. i love how it turned out and i think it's a great accessory for alex in wonderland.
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