refinishing the dollhouse: painting part 3

getting closer. i painted the accent walls in each room, i like the colors but the blue tape thing did not give me very nice edges. my friend gave me a suggestion on a better way to use that blue tape next time - she said to paint your first layer after taping the color that's next to it (in this case, the white paint) then paint the accent color. that way if a color bleeds it would have been the white and not the accent color. good to know for next time i need to paint something. also, that accent color really makes the white mess ups on the window pop! oh well. i also painted the roof. i was planning on it being a nice chocolate brown, but i must have actually grabbed the wrong can of paint because it turned out gray (almost the exact same gray that it was already) but it still freshened up the color and covered the chips and it only took two coats of paint. the accent walls also took two coats of paint.
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