refinishing the dollhouse: flooring and lights and pictures and grass

i didn't take a lot of step by step photos at this point (i think i've been in such a hurry to finish this dollhouse for alex that i just kept going) so there's a lot of progress shown here. in fact, it's pretty much done, just needs furniture and dolls. to lay out the floors and grass i first measured and made templates with paper. then i cut out each flooring using my paper template. i then just painted glue onto the floors and laid out the flooring - it's actually pretty easy. i didn't have enough flooring for the family room but i had leftovers from the upstairs carpet and i didn't feel like waiting another week to order more wood flooring. so i used the extra carpeting to make stripes in the wood flooring - turned out kind of fun. it's really coming together at this point. next i hung up the ceiling lights. all you have to do for the lights is find your electrical tape runners and push in your light plugs - they have two prongs on each plug so you just make sure there is a prong in each side of electrical tape. and then i glued the actually light fixtures to the ceilings and inserted those wires into the plugs. for the wall hangings, i printed out some images that i wanted on the computer. i then cut those out glued them to foam backings and glued them straight to the walls. and wow, i also put back in the staircase and fireplaces to finish off the permanent fixtures. almost there. click here http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2010/04/refinishing-dollhouse-part-1.html to see the dollhouse before i started the refinishing project.
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