alex in wonderland's toadstool

i'm not sure how i thought of making this but it popped into my head one day that it would be cute to make a mushroom seat as part of alex in wonderland's party decorations. i also imagined that she could sit here while opening her presents - it turned out a bit too tall for that but still cute and alex loves it. of course, the idea didn't pop into my head until after we were out of wood or my husband had already split it all, but i mentioned my idea to my friend. kim and her husband, joe, had just recently taken down some trees and generously gave me this great piece of wood for my idea (thank you kim and joe) - i think it's oak but i'm not exactly a tree connoisseur so i could be way off. next, i bought some fabric (the red and white are corduroy and the green is just soft and fuzzy cotton) and bought a round pillow for the top. basing the measurements off the size of the pillow my husband cut out two circles of plywood (best way i found to draw a circle that big was to tie two pens together with a string that measured out to be the radius). i cut out the fabric pieces and appliqued the white circles on to the red top. i staple gunned the green fabric on to the bottom circle and white corduroy to the top circle. i then drilled holes and attached the two circles to the log with wood screws. i already had bug sprayed the log and then polyurethaned a couple of coats. i couldn't get the angle to use a staple gun for the red mushroom top so i glued that and then stitched in place. i'm not entirely pleased with the puckering i have in a few places with the red fabric but overall i think it turned out well. and fairies and alice's alike look great posing with the toadstool.
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