shoe project: pair 2

i mentioned a while back that i bought seven pairs of plain colored china doll shoes that i plan on experimenting with - here's the second pair. you can see the first pair here: http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2010/07/shoe-project-pair-1.html
i think these turned out super cute - too bad i have already ruined them and will be attempting to bleach them and start over with them as white, adding an eighth pair of shoes for experimentation. the supplies for these shoes are a black fine point sharpie (which i don't think was a great option, should have gone with a fabric pen - i know that now), a blue paint pen and a couple of cute buttons. i simply drew circles on each pair of shoes (there are fewer circles as you go towards the heel of the shoe), colored a few select ones in with the paint pen and then sew on a button to each shoe. i like that i used a different scale on each shoe, i think i'll go with that idea on another pair and i'll be reusing these buttons (i'm in a houndstooth mood lately) since i ruined these shoes (yes, when your shoes are drying or sitting around waiting to be put away try to refrain from leaving them in the reach of a cat who likes to drag anything and everything into her water dish to sit and soak).

UPDATE: i finally got around to trying to bleach these shoes to start over. well, i must have the weakest bleach ever made because all it did was clean up the shoe! seriously, the circles are all still there, all the color is there, it just cleaned up where all the ink bled from getting wet. i don't think i even need to go over the circles again with a fabric pen. i think all i need to do is sew the buttons back on and they will be wearable! yay. of course when you don't want to get bleach on something it ruins your favorite shirt - go figure.
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