alex in wonderland tea party candles

i found some fun tea party 3d molds that i thought would be super cute for alex's alice in wonderland tea party birthday party. my original thought was to make soap, but then thought wow those would be large soaps. then i thought i'd make chocolates, and then realized that was going to make a huge piece of chocolate that nobody was going to eat. so finally it dawned on me that they would make great candles and still be useful. i had never made candles in a 3d mold like this before and wasn't even quite sure how to go about doing that but hey, i like to experiment. so, i bought some wax pellets for melting, some candle coloring, and some vanilla candle scent. i guessed on the amount of everything to use, but i melted it all together in a double broiler (make sure you use a double broiler dedicated to wax though, it will not be usable for food anymore) and then poured in the molds to set overnight. before the first halves were completely dry i put in the wicks for the pieces that would get them. the next day or so, i mixed and melted up another batch of purple vanilla scented wax and filled the molds again (after i popped out the first halves and pieces). as quickly as i filled the molds i laid the first halves (excluding the spoons, lids and plates) on top of their corresponding pieces. i let those set overnight and popped them out of their molds when all dry and ready. the spoons and plates and such all look great (not usable as candles but cute for decoration all the same). the tea cups and pots didn't exactly stay together as planned so i split them back into halves and mixed up another batch of purple vanilla scented wax. i then dipped the halves in to the melted wax like glue and stuck the two corresponding halves together and then dipped all their seams into the wax as well. that seems to have worked pretty well, doesn't look perfect, but i like them, they're cute. in fact, i wanted them to be relatively strong, so i did a few rounds of dipping the finished candles back into melted wax to layer up the seams a little bit. i think these will look great all lit up in the restroom for the party.
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