santa staches

mustaches have been such a trend this year and i thought it would be fun to wear fake staches for our holiday picture. i actually made these mustaches this past summer. i was in the middle of sewing with lots of felt due to a work project at the time, so while in the swing of things i figured it would be easy to whip out a couple of extra pieces. i was originally going to make brown mustaches only because that's what my mind thought of first, but my husband came up with the brilliant idea to make them winter white so that they would be santa staches (straight white wouldn't photograph all that great). the shapes are actually curly brackets that i just printed out large on the computer to use as my template, and i stitched them with brown embroidery floss. while on vacation in canada this summer alex was collecting all sorts of sticks for different arts and crafts and she found some that were perfect for our mustaches. i just cut them down to size and gorilla glued them to the back of the mustaches. they're actually pretty sturdy and i think our holiday card turned out rather cute. and now the santa staches are part of our holiday decor.
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