the red queen's skirt

i know, i'm still crafting for alex's birthday party - i'm almost there though (well, i have no choice, her birthday is almost here. so whatever gets done gets done and if it doesn't then it doesn't). so, here's the red queen's skirt that i will be adorning. i was actually hoping to have lost some weight by now so i wanted to make an adjustable skirt, so i made a wrap skirt. i didn't lose any of that weight, but the skirt will fit me wonderfully anyways and i won't have to panic because it's too small. the skirt is basically a wrap skirt but with three layers and a waist band and snap closures. i know it doesn't look anything like either of the red queen dresses that you know from the movies, but i wasn't going for straight costume, just a nod to the red queen - hence the color scheme. so i found some fun bright fabric: there's a black with white polka dot layer (bottom), yellow stripe layer (middle) and red dotted layer (top). i left all the edges raw and embellished the layers of the skirt with ribbon. hopefully with my shoes and crown i'll fill the role of red queen well enough.
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