alex in wonderland's birthday tea party

you've seen all the blogs of me crafting and sewing and cooking and such all leading up to the alex in wonderland birthday tea party - and here it is. alex turned 4 on 1.1.11! yes, she's a new year's baby - yay. what a fun party, and here's a collection image of most of the decorations and details. i was planning on pulling out all the tea sets for the party, but there just wasn't enough room for all of them (seriously, we have at least two more play tea sets, and you can't even see all the sets out in the photos, not to mention all of our real tea sets). you can see the toadstool i made (surrounded by the cutest disney alice in wonderland plush dolls called pookalooz), the dress and purse i made for alex (i love the inside of the sleeve cuffs and the liner of the purse), i made several "alex" banners around the house (cut out of paper, tea pot shapes and circles and alice silhouettes, hung up with clothes pins or decorative tape), the mini (or not so mini - they're kind of big actually) 3-tiered cakes all in different colors, the origami hanging balls that i showed a teaser of in an earlier blog (i absolutely love the way the double-sided polka dotted origami papers turned out), and the wax tea candle set. then of course the other details like the play tea tier treat set, the tin tea sets, the alice barbie, the madame alexander dolls (which were mcdonald's happy meal toys), and the flamingo and hedgehogs. i thought the pink piano that alex received for christmas added a nice touch to the look of the party too (even though there's no specific nod to alice in wonderland with it, but it seems to fit wonderfully). since it's christmas time also, we left the tree all set up and decorated and we use all our spode for dinner (and alex even has a children's spode tea set that is adorable). alex was dressed as alice (whom she still calls alison in wonderland - she's pretty determined that alison is the correct name), i was the red queen, her dad was the mad hatter, and lots of other guests dressed up as characters from alice in wonderland or dressed for tea with fun tea hats. i do have pictures of everyone together - i'm going to attempt to photoshop all the different group shots to get one super group shot that has everyone's best look (i might have to update this blog post once i make the super photo). happy new year to you all and cheers to a whole new year of crafting.

here's the photo of the party people. you should be able to find: the dormouse, the pink grand-mudder, a pink zebra, the white rabbit, the white queen, tweedle dum, six flowers, the march hare, the red queen, alice and the mad hatter.
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