christmas gifts: screenprinted shirts

i'm a big t-shirt wearer and i rather enjoy screenprinting (especially with my yudu). and when you are making gifts for a number of people then screenprinting makes sense. i made a few different shirts this year as gifts. first shirt is for a place my in-laws frequent called sugar lake. the next shirt, which you can barely see in the picture, is a Merlotte's waitress logo shirt for the people that are fans of either the sookie stackhouse books or the true blood show (well, really just the girls that are fans since it's the waitress logo). and the third shirt i made was an inside joke for my friend who got kicked out of the girl scouts when he was a counselor for them - but even if you're not in on the joke it's still funny to have a shirt that says "i got kicked out of the girl scouts". i even made one for my daughter who's four now.
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