making whoopie

whoopie pies of course. it was my birthday yesterday and for some reason i was not in the mood for regular box cake with buttercream frosting. and in fact, i tend to pick my birthday to experiment with new desserts - i should probably stop doing that since my experiments rarely go according to plan. so i decided to try my hand at making whoopie pies. i looked at some suggested combinations and tweaked those ideas a little and ended up deciding to make a chocolate whoopie with chocolate buttercream middle, then rolled in pretzel bits and mini candy coated chocolate chips and finally dipped in chocolate glaze. wow, huh? lots of chocolate - part of that choice stems from my daughter's absolute adoration of chocoate. they turned out huge - i seem to have a problem with making my dessert treats bigger than planned. i also seem to have an issue with making all my batters thicker than they are supposed to be. they look awesome though, right? they were a little dry for my liking, so next time: not so big, not so thick, cook less, and fluffier filler. and actually they were pretty easy to make (well, compared to the awesome fun that goes into making macarons) that i will definitely try again. the next try i plan on making a chocolate chip whoopie with an ice-cream filler rolled in mini chocolate chips or something - yum - in fact, i should have tried that the first time around. oh, and check out my fabulous professional stand mixer that used to be my grand-parents - it's older than i am and i absolutely love it.
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