horror plush

i have this friend who is quite into horror movies, well not all horror movies, but his fave is halloween. he had hinted a couple of times that i should make him a michael myers doll and i thought it was a fun idea, but i have a huge list of want-to-get-tos that were in the way. then one weekend opened up right after the holidays where there was not something that i absolutely had to get to, and i was trying to get my mind off of the upcoming plane ride that i was dreading. and since i had asked said friend to give me a ride to the airport what a perfect time to try to craft his myers doll. ok, i am not a horror fan, so i had to look this guy up to make my plan. next, my natural style is to make things cute. i know what you're thinking - a cute kitchen knife wielding murderer, that's a natural fit. i sketched my paper pattern, bought my supplies (fyi - the greater cleveland area does not have a huge variety of faux fur fabric) and jumped right in. i found some squirt spray fabric paint - perfect for blood stains on knives (i tried on the face too, but that fabric soaked up the paint so much it didn't look like blood splatter anymore). i cut out all the pieces and glued what i could and painted the knife and started making pockets. at this point, i still didn't know if i was creating the worst doll ever or the best. i just kept going and hoping. i think he turned out great though! i love him, and crafting this guy kind of makes me want to sew an entire series of horror movie plush dolls. the nice thing about this doll too was that most of the sewing could be done by machine; the only things i had to hand stitch were the final seam after stuffing the doll, the soles of the boots (tip: i used a shot glass in the legs to help sew the circle soles in to place) and the buttons. the basic shape of this doll is so simple too that i think i could translate almost anyone into this form. more horror movie plush characters in the future?...maybe :)
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