refinishing the dollhouse: finished...for now

it's been a while since i talked about the dollhouse that i spent a decent amount of time refinishing in 2010. i finished this as quickly as i possibly could since i had someone patiently waiting to take over and play with it. http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/search/label/dollhouse click here if you want to see all the posts leading up to the finished dollhouse. in the last post i showed off the flooring and some of the wall art, now all the furniture and lights and dolls and food and books and toy trains and all have been added. alex loves the dollhouse, especially the working lights. of course these pictures were taken immediately because within 15 minutes the whole house was turned upside down with play and nothing looks the same. but the dollhouse was well worth the effort and i've come to terms with the fact that it will get destroyed with good use (as i did when i was little). maybe when alex is an adult she'll refinish this same dollhouse for someone special.
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