pancake fun

during the week and on saturdays we take the quick route for breakfast, grabbing a breakfast bar or a bowl or cereal or toast: the faster and easier the better. so on sundays, we like to make waffles or pancakes or something that takes a tad more effort than normal. and we like to add a bit of fun to our pancakes with fun pans and colors. the first time we ventured off the normal pancake path, i had really just asked alex what she wanted to eat (and i'm thinking it may have even been a friday night fun meal) and she replied with "pink pancakes." well, that was easy enough. and i'm not fancy with my own pancake recipe or anything like that, it's boxed bisquik all the way for me. and all we did was add some pink food coloring and voila, pink pancakes. i like to use the flat side of the waffle iron plates for making our pancakes instead of the stove top - for one thing i don't think any of our pans are actually flat and there's just more room on the flat iron. then for christmas alex received that awesome pig pancake pan you see above in the photo. and that gift reminded us of a previous gift we received of an animal shape pancake pan. both of these pans go on the stove top, but when i flip them (after you see the bubbles around the edges of each pancake), i flip them onto the flat top waffle maker to cook the other side flat. and as you can see we have gotten fancier with making two-color pancakes too - we're working our way up to full out rainbow pancakes. and alex really enjoys picking out which pancakes she's going to eat by color and animal: green hippo please. maybe we'll get fancy with making our own shapes soon too - we've only done mickey mouse ears for free form pancakes so far.
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