seed packets

one of the things i made for christmas gifts this year were seed packets. my husband provided the seeds. i'm not a gardener whatsoever, but my husband has a wonderful green thumb. he saved flowers and such from last years gardens and harvested them for their seeds as gifts and for this year's planting. he collected seeds for dill, zinnias, basil, pumpkin, and marigolds (orange, white, yellow and fire). he just planted his starts this weekend indoors using those seeds (special note: empty baby food containers make for good planters). for the seed packets i just made this quick template (the white outline in the photo collage above) and in photoshop added my design and labels. then it's as simple as printing them out, cutting on the solid line, folding on the dotted lines, and adding a little glue stick on the tabs. i think they make for a really cute home-made stocking stuffer or would be a great welcome spring gift for any gardener.
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