shoe project: pair 3

back to my shoe project (quick recap: i bought seven pairs of plain colored cotton china doll shoes that i'm experimenting with), this is pair three. i've done the red and yellow pairs thus far, this time i went with my favorite color: pink. and i was feeling like a nice plaid pattern would be great with pink and to try out some new fabric markers. so, you'd think that since they are called fabric markers that they wouldn't bleed - especially when the label specifically says that they won't...well, they do. i drew my initial lines with red and blue marker. already they were bleeding like crazy so i went in to fix it mode (i seem to do that a lot with my crafting). so first step to attempt to save these shoes was to color in between the red lines - fill it in with red altogether. that helped but that dark blue line had bled too much and it just looked bad. then i had this red and white candy striped seam binding that i've been wanting to use on something for a while, so i stitched that to all the trimming around the shoe. that looked really cute but i was still not liking the fabric marker bleed lines, so i decided to embroider over the lines. i had red and yellow embroidery floss on hand so i went with those colors and i just love them. now these are the best pair yet, i think. i can't wait to wear them - now if we can get past this snow and rain season so i can wear cute shoes without ruining them.

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