happy 1 year of blogging to me!

it's been a whole year of this blog already! actually, i think it was last week or so, but close enough.  so, what do you make in celebration of a year of blogging? ice-cream whoopies, of course. yum, yum, and super yum. and we made them the super easy way, from a mix. i found this fun whoopie pie pan at target on sale - it has faces on some and words like "happy" and "cute" on others. we were going to make cupcakes anyways, so i thought we'd try the cake mix in the whoopie pan. they came out delicious, and there was extra batter to still make cupcakes. then all we did was make them into ice-cream sandwich sundaes. i think that is vanilla turtle ice-cream between two chocolate whoopies and then caramel and chocolate syrup on top. so freakin' delicious and easy. happy one year of boogie beans blogging - yay.
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