sewing a mixer cover

i've mentioned my mixer before in posts and how much i love it. it was my grandparents old professional stand kitchen-aid mixer so it's older than i am and still works great. i've had this mixer for years and i never even thought about making a cover for it, not sure why. but it does gather a lot of mess sitting on the counter and being open, so my husband suggested i make something real quick out of easy to wipe down material. i happened to have some vinyl yellow fabric that i am using for alex's upcoming halloween costume (Atomic Alex) and i had plenty to spare. i used a newspaper spread to make my template which is really just a big rectangle, but i had to make sure i was cutting enough the first time. after cutting out the fabric, i folded it in half, right sides together, and stitched the side seams. I then folder the fabric so that the first side seam went down the center and i stitched a seam across the corner creating a triangle to cut off. do the same thing for the other side seam and trim seams. and the only step left is to sew the hem at the bottom. i put the cover on the mixer to measure where exactly i wanted it hemmed, and i stitched two lines at the bottom of the cover to finish. trim all your seams and threads and you're done! it's super quick and easy and much nicer looking than an old mixer sitting on the counter (and the yellow looks nice next to the bananas).
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