making wrist wallets

so, last week i told you about the ipad sleeve that i made and indicated that my first round was a total failure, but i repurposed the mistake...into wrist wallets. so i had sewn a rectangle for the ipad sleeve and it wasn't wide enough to fit, so it dawned on me that i've been wanting to make wrist wallets at some point and this was the perfect opportunity. remember in the eighties, i think, it was a trend to have those nylon zippered wrist wallets - or maybe that was just me, but i always liked those, clearly i have some tendencies toward eighties fashion. i didn't really have a plan, i just decided wrist wallets and started cutting. i cut that messed up rectangle into three sections, thinking i'd make two adult wallets with opposite fabric on the outside and one child sized wrist wallet. the adult ones i folded in an envelope style and measured my wrist. the child size one i just folded in half and measured alex's wrist. i asked her which fabric she wanted on the outside and she told me "the beautiful flower fabric." i added velcro at each end and then at the wallet closures. i have to say that the child size one seems to have worked out much better - they all work and are quite cute - but i like the folded in half with the velcro at the opening better than the envelope style that i made for myself. these were really quick and easy to make and alex wore hers for several days straight with money in it of course. they're the perfect size if you only need to carry a little money and a key or chapstick.
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