making an ipad cover

i decided last minute to make this for my mother-in-law for mother's day. she just ordered an ipad 2 and i learned that she did not order a sleeve for it. i found this out on saturday and decided on sunday to make one for her. i had fabric to choose from, large sew-on snaps, and more of the padding from the baby crib bumper (wow, we never used the bumper in the crib but i have been finding all sorts of uses for the padding after i ripped it all apart for pieces and fabric). my husband has an ipad so i used that for my measurements - i am absolutely horrible at fitting things correctly and apparantly that goes for glorified rectangles as well. the first one i cut and sewed the seams was already way too small (but i found a use for the mess up - i think i'll show that next week) so i cut out pieces to try again. i sewed the outside seams (this time i was pushing it on how much fabric i had left) and then cut the rectangle of padding and fit that inside. the outside fabric is cotton and the liner fabric is soft corduroy. the padding inside of the fabric is way too poofy so i quilted the whole piece - i didn't even think about the fact that quilting the whole thing would make it smaller - oops. i was planning on machine stitching the side seams at this point but because it was so much smaller after quilting i had to hand stitch the sides together and then i stitched on the snaps. it is a really tight fit, but i was fitting this to an ipad 1st generation and the 2nd generation is noticeably thinner, so i'm hoping that it fits perfectly on the new ipad 2. oh, and this only took me a few hours total to make (not really counting the time i spent on my sidetrack project of repurposing the mess up). i'm going to inherit my husband's ipad soon...i might need to make myself a cover next.
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