dyeing easter eggs.

this year we decided not to buy one of those egg dyeing kits from the store with the tablets and stickers and all that, we wanted to make our own dye. and turns out it's pretty much the same thing as buying those kits. we already had the cups - you buy those once and hold on to them, they also come in quite handy for water cups when painting year round. you have to supply your own vinegar and water anyways, so the only other things you need are the colors and the wire holders if you want (although you could just use a spoon). i always have wire of all sorts in the house so i pulled out a spool of a nice gauge and made the egg wire holders myself - just a few twists and bends and cut once, you're done. now the recipe for making egg dye is:
1 cup hot water (boiled water)
1/4 cup white vinegar
7-8 drops of food coloring or some cake frosting coloring
we had different colors from both food coloring and cake coloring, so we did some of each. we even used the black dye, which turned out to be a wonderful deep purple. the colors were really vibrant and we had a bigger variety than we would have from a kit. maybe next year we'll use natural food dyes like onion peels and beets.
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