Cupcake Bath Bombs

it seems lately that it's quite the trend to make cupcake bath bombs and i wanted to try too. as a gift from my husband i received a starter kit that came with everything you needed for one batch of full size cupcake bath bombs along with a recipe and instructions. these are cream cheese frosting scented - oh yum they smell delicious. it is surprisingly easy and fun to make bath bombs, but watch out with the weather conditions because humidity and rain can really mess up a good bath bomb (hence why i haven't been able to make any lately with this insane amount of rain we're getting in ohio). plus, there aren't that many ingredients needed to make a basic bath bomb. so the bottom of the cupcake is regular bath bomb packed into lined molds (after they have set and hardened you can peel off the paper cupcake liner) and the frosting is a sugar meringue mix that's piped on and then glitter sprinkled on top. i found some clear cupcake boxes that would be cute but they were kind of big. to fix that i took some decorative paper and cut out a strip with a hole in it to keep the bath bomb in place. i think that paper holder along with the label i glued on really makes for a cute package. and these are super fun, great fizz and your bath will turn blue (but don't worry, you won't).
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