waffle cones

now that the rains have taken a temporary break, the heat has moved in. what a great way to beat the heat than ice-cream in waffle cones. i've had a waffle cone maker for a while now and have only used it once before. we had been too ambitious i think the first time and tried making chocolate waffle cones. they were okay, but turned out too thick and kind of soft and dry. this time we decided to try the most basic waffle cone recipe we could find and they turned out delicious. for an easy waffle cone you just need eggs, salt, sugar, flour and butter. the waffle iron is easy to use, just try to not put too much batter in there. wait for the light to turn green, pick up the waffle with a fork and move it to your towel (a linen towel would probably work best but i just used one that had the least texture to it) and use your cone tool (which i believe came with the iron) and roll the waffle around it. you hold it on the cone tool for a minute or so to make sure it sets and you're all done. we didn't have any malt balls to put in the bottom of the cone but an upside down hershey's kiss works just as well. they were so yummy that i ate more than i should have and now we have to refrain from making them again too soon for fear of our expanding wastelines.
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