my ipad sling bag

i recently got handed down my husband's ipad - which i absolutely love (especially ibooks) and the timing was perfect since my ipod was quickly dying. i already had a sleeve for the ipad but i felt that i still needed a purse/bag to hold it all. and yes this was another project where i just started to go and make it up as i went along. first i went searching through the house for fabrics and notions to use. i found an old belt that i never wear and never really fit right to use for the strap, i had sew-on velcro, the striped fabric is leftover from the mad hatter's bowtie, and the circle fabric is actually uphostery fabric that i have. i also later gathered up a black zipper that i had on hand and the pink bandana (i say later because i didn't plan on having those pieces on the bag but added them as fix its). i cut out two long rectangle pieces of fabric from the stripe and the circle fabrics - basically triple the length of the ipad. i was so concerned with hiding all the seams that i didn't exactly place the folds correctly which threw off completely where my velcro was placed (like i said i was making this up as i went along). because i didn't get the fold placement correctly the front flap did not reach where i placed the velcro - hence the bandana attachment. so i added the bandana piece to lengthen the flap and added velcro to the bandana. oh and i did place a large flat pocket to the back of the bag - another reason why i couldn't just move where the fold was lining up. it actually worked at this point but it was longer than i needed for the ipad and had extra wasted space which really bothered me so i decided to turn the extra space into a zippered pouch at the bottom of the bag. since i was adding the zipper on after the fact the seams are raw there, but i zig-zag stitched very closely around the zipper and trimmed as much as i could of that raw edge. so, again i had to do a lot of noodling to get the bag to where i was happy with it but in the end it turned out fun and functional. the zipper pouch is actually a great spot for headphones and a pen or two and i can fit the charger into the larger pocket.
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