my super soft muumuu/robe

i am one who is almost always cold (well really i have no happy medium, i'm either really cold or burning up) and i don't really understand those blanket robe things that are so popular - i mean, the back is wide open and it can't be easy to get up and walk around with those on. plus i heard they are really cheap and don't hold up. but anyways, i wanted something like that because a blanket just does not walk around well either plus i like to craft obviously and a blanket doesn't give you that mobility. so my answer was to make a muumuu. i keep calling it a muumuu (although technically i think a muumuu is meant to be worn outside of the home) but i suppose it's actually a robe that doesn't open all the way down the front. i found a pattern by kwik sew, number 2727 that looked perfect for what i wanted. next i found my material. i've been in love with houndstooth lately and pink is my favorite color. so i found this great minky fabric that was pink and brown houndstooth - minky is this super soft cozy fabric. other than fabric and a pattern all you need is a zipper and thread. i actually cut this pattern out quite some time ago hoping that i'd have it ready for winter, but alas i did not finish for the cold months. but since cutting is my least favorite part of sewing it was nice to have that already done when i got back to it last week. and seriously the sewing part took a couple of hours tops. it was so easy, the hardest part is the zipper and that isn't even difficult with this pattern. the minky fabric has a little stretch to it and i'm not so great with stretchy fabrics but it wasn't too bad. the muumuu has two big pockets, a small collar and is the perfect length both in the arms and in the full body length. this will be so cozy and convenient to wear i might live in it for three quarters of the year.
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