atomic alex's belt

for halloween this year, alex is going to go as atomic betty. it's a fun show by atomic cartoons that unfortunately only stuck around for three seasons. they had been on the hub this past year and alex really took to it. atomic betty is a regular girl who secretly doubles as a galactic guardian. the top picture is my mock up of alex as atomic betty (the real one has green eyes and orange hair). so i started with her belt. i plan on making a simple pink striped dress (betty's dress is not striped but i liked the fabric so it shall be now) with everything else made as an add on accessory. i don't have much experience with vinyl fabric but it's quite fun once you're used to the stickiness of it in the sewing machine. i have cut out pieces for the belt, her ear covers and her watch. i plan on experimenting with some arduino sewing for the watch so that it will hopefully light up when pressed. so with the belt, i cut out the pieces, glued the front radioactive design and zig zag top stitched all the edges. i cut out a long strip for the waist strap - which was really hard to turn right side out after sewing but with a nice long stick and some patience i got it to work. i had a d ring already for the back loop on the belt and some velcro. i have a long way to go on the costume but the belt was a good start and can be used for dress up play whenever.
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