bass glasses

recently my husband had a boys weekend fishing trip and kind of last minute i decided i wanted to make something for all of them to commemorate. it was too late to do anything with decorating flasks or making shirts and such and i didn't have enough time to cut glasses. so i decided to buy some pint/pub glasses and etch them. first i drew in illustrator a silhouette of a bass since that's the type of fish they would be catching. i got some sticker vinyl paper and cut out the fish. my first plan was to use the cut out fish as my negative and etch a whole band around the bubble of the pub glass. that was an epic fail: the band is too much for the etching cream to evenly displace so it came out looking splotchy and just wrong. i even tried re-etching those bands at least three times and they never smoothed out so i went to plan b. i took the leftover vinyl from the fish cut outs and decided to make that the etched part and i layed them out vertically on each glass. i etched the fish, took off that vinyl and then taped off a straight line going from the fish's mouth to the top rim of the glass. it's hard to tell in these photos how they turned out, but i think they're cute and i think all the boys enjoyed receiving them.
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