just wanted to show you what screenprinting i've been up to lately. you can see my screen in the top left with the bright yellow ink on it and the squeegee. i usually fill the screen with as many images as i can so i don't waste emulsion and then i use painters tape on the backside to block what i don't want to print each time. the screen in the picture was when i printed my boogie beans shirt. the "i have old man gas." shirt was for a friend - long story, but it was a birthday gift, he seems to enjoy the joke and i guess he gets lots of laughs when he wears it out in public. the mustache shirts were also gifts - they're such a trend and what a fun shape these staches are (i even made one for myself). the "i heart me." is a shirt that i made for myself, i like it. i made the copyright 2007 for alex (i printed that on top of a one color gray tie dye that i made - the "i heart me." is on one of those tie dyes also). i made more girl scouts shirts - which really seem to confuse people out in public and they want to know why the girl scouts gave me a shirt for being kicked out! and finally the doofenshmirtz shirt was my experiment in two color process - i love that show. the two color came out nice, it  would have been better if i could have done a second pass on the character in yellow but the screen was sliding and it would have made a double image if i tried.
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