atomic alex halloween

here's the final pieces of the atomic alex halloween costume. I've shown you the bag: http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2011/10/atomic-alexs-bag.html, thebelt http://tumblr.com/ZkSvdx6eIj5u and the watch http://tumblr.com/ZkSvdx9r7zhR. and finally here's the headpiece, shoulder piece, and the dress with shoes and gloves. the gloves are just child size flower girl gloves that you can get at pat catan's or any craft store probably. i bought the boots online. i was planning on making the dress but decided to buy one instead and dye it pink. i started the headpiece and shoulder piece with making paper patterns like usual. i wanted the shoulder piece to be a separate piece instead of attached sleeves and a collar to a dress so that it could be more adaptable and ready for dress up time with anything. so, the shoulder piece is basically a a high pointed collar with a snap under the chin with sleeves attached. the collar part is basically a long piece with pointed shape and snap section at the end. the sleeve parts are basically triangles with two corners attached under the armit and the third corner sewn into the collar seem. the headpiece was a bit harder. i made the ear muff yellow section first which has a bit of batting under for some puffiness. i started drawing the pattern from a winter hat, but that really didn't get me anywhere close to what i needed. i kept redrawing this pattern, holding it to alex's head (she didn't enjoy this part at all) and adjusting and retrying before i cut it out of fabric. even after i sewed the headpiece and tried it on alex i made more adjustments to get that shape right. the headpiece attaches under the chin with some velcro and alex has been growing out her hair specifically for this halloween costume so she can pull it thru the ponytail hole in the headpiece. alex is so beyond excited to wear this costume for halloween and can't wait to show all her friends.
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