atomic alex's bag

i've already shown you the belt http://tumblr.com/ZkSvdx6eIj5u and the watch http://tumblr.com/ZkSvdx9r7zhR and now is the trick-or-treat bag. we all love atomic betty but a lot of people have never heard of her so i thought alex needed some kind of logo or something to give people an idea of what alex was dressed as or at least make her a character by herself. so i redrew the atomic betty logo but saying atomic alex - what a fun logo it is too. then i printed out the logo onto iron-on inkjet paper. i got some plain canvas grocery bags (it's way bigger than alex needs for halloween but the bags were cheap and i'll use the extras for shopping or going to the farmer). trim out the design from the paper and iron on to the bag - oh yeah, remember to print out your design in reverse so it irons on in the correct direction. after i ironed on the image i thought it seemed weak and crackly and it appeared to be pealing away immediately. so i took some of the clear vinyl that i had from making the watch and cut out a piece a little larger than the logo and stitched it over the logo to protect it. the bag looks great and she'll never be able to fill it up but she can use it after halloween for all sorts of things (she likes to "clean up" all her stuff into one disorganized bag of craziness).
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