ornament exchange

at work for our holiday lunch activities we created ornaments and exchanged them - a twist on the whole white elephant thing. we got to pick a basic ornament from the bag - i don't have a photo of it but mine was a big round paperkraft ball. originally i wanted to just dip the whole thing in glitter, but i went with fabric instead. also, i was planning on creating this in the car while traveling for thanksgiving. i grabbed some fabric options, some notions, some glue, beaded trimming and got started. i first cut spiraled circles out of the red and white striped doctor seuss fabric as well as trimming off the selvage. i glued the spiral pieces around the ornament creating that ruffled look. about 2/3rds of the way up i glued on the beaded trim and then continued with the spiral ruffles. i used the fabric selvage to create the loop to hang the ornament. then i had some blue fabric that i used to create the bow, which has spiral curls at the tail to dangle. since it was a white elephant sort of exchange, we had to wrap our ornament so it was picked by the packaging and the ornament inside was a surprise (and we didn't "steal" gifts like you do in some white elephants). my gift was the first one chosen from the table of 30 or so wrapped ornaments. yay, and i think the person that opened my ornament liked it. i like it too and might make a smaller version for my own tree - this one is a lot larger than it looks in these pictures.
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