some beach birthday prep

i figured every beach party needed to have pinwheels for decorations, not to mention how fun and whimsical pinwheels are. first, i painted some dowel sticks white - alex helped me paint. i bought some map pins in blue and orange to match the party and i already had decorative cardstock paper. pinwheels are basically squares with some slits cut at the corners halfway to the center point, then you fold the corners in and pin. alex then requested to have party blowers in her goody bags for her friends, so i found some cheap winnie the pooh party blowers (since the blower part was blue and just had simple butterfly graphics on them). i took off the paper graphics that were on them and replaced them with submarines, fish and crab graphics that i printed out myself to match the rest of the goody bag stuff. i needed to find something to put all the goodies in so i found these orange canvas bags which should be the perfect size for holding the coloring books and everything. also, i have a button maker and goody bags for kids is a great excuse for making buttons, so i took the art from the coloring books and party blowers and printed out a bunch of buttons that i'll use to pin on to the bags.
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