macrame chevron wrist corsage

lately, i've had an itch to do some macrame. i wanted to make a big plant holder or something and i'll plan on getting to that eventually, but for now i decided to macrame a bracelet. yes, it's the old school friendship bracelet revisited. so basically it's a series of knots, lots and lots of knots. i made two side by side bracelets and then stitched them together - of course as i was going along i figured out how i could have just made it one big wide bracelet. i was hoping to finish this bracelet by christmas time since all my gift wrapping was chevron themed but i couldn't make that deadline. i did however finish in time for alex's beach birthday party, when i was a sailor, and it matched that outfit beautifully (especially since i had a matching flower on my sailor hat.) so i made two bracelets, stitched them together and added bias tape to the ends for a straight edge finish. i attached some hook and eyes to the ends, then simply glued on the fabric flower and voila i was done with my wrist corsage. i say that like it was quick and easy, when actually the macrame part took me several weeks of doing bits every night. i love it and might make more, but i have some other projects to fit in before i do any more macrame.
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