monday manicure

my nails have been so brittle this winter (even though the winter has been incredibly mild) that i cannot seem to grow them at all. i've been keeping my nails simple since i don't have the length to do much with them. i wanted to paint black tips with this fabulous sparkly pink polish but alas did not have any length on my nails to do any sort of tips. i got some o.p.i. nail strengthener that i used as a base this week so hopefully that will help my nails get back to normal. this color is a pale sparkly pink called princesses rule by o.p.i. you can see the sparkles in the photos but they look much cuter in person, the photos don't quite capture the lovely sparkle effect. it is a subtle pink color though so it would have been nice to pair them with some bold tips, but i'll save that for next time.
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