Beach Birthday Goody Bags

alex had a family only birthday party, but still wanted to bring goody bags to her friends at school. so we kept with the same theme of or orange, blue and white beach. we also brought in cupcakes for everyone, i didn't take photos, they were just chocolate (alex's favorite.) i found these orange cotton bags that were the perfect size for holding all the goodies. i previously posted about the coloring books and mini pencils that i made for the bags as well as the noisemakers: http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2011/12/some-beach-birthday-prep.html and http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2011/09/beach-party-favors-coloring-book-and.html. you've also seen my trials and tribulations with the royal icing cookies, and here's what i ended up making for the cookies - they look like happy little fish crackers. i was going to make the faces with royal icing too but decided i was not up to that skill level and used a food pen to simply draw the faces on a plain orange fish instead and i think they turned out cute and more importantly they taste good. i put the cookies in those blue and white striped bags and sealed with some orange tape. i also got some push pops from the local candy factory to add to the bags and i found orange fish shaped crazy straws - how perfect is that?! i made some stickers from the same graphics i made for the coloring books and pencil labels. and with those same graphics i made a button for each bag. alex wanted to add a happy birthday card to each bag so we made a sign of sorts that we pinned to each bag with the button. alex was so excited to hand these out to all her friends. 
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