monday manicure

i started using the o.p.i. nail strengthener last weekend, making this only the second application, and i think it's working already. my nails already feel stronger and i haven't broken a single nail all week. so far, so good. this weeks nail polish is o.p.i. not like the movies. in most lights it looks like a steel grey with a bit of sparkle, but then you move into different light and they turn to purple. in some lights you can even see a bit of green. it's very fun polish and looking at the bottle you can't tell at all that it's going to be so irridescent. the grey all by itself is a great shade and then the surprise of the color change is bonus. since it's valentine's day week i added a little heart using one of those nail pens. the paint in the pen was quite watery at first so it was more difficult than i thought it should be, but once the actual paint was flowing better it worked great.
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