chunky knit capelet

i work in a very large office where the temperature is never quite right, i am so cold all the time. i keep a couple of sweaters at my desk to throw on when it gets unbearably cold, but they're kind of throw away back up sweaters so i decided i needed to make myself some capelets. i found three patterns by Karen Clements that i liked. they all call for chunky yarn and circular needles - which i prefer over straight needles, i find it way more enjoyable to knit in the round. all the patterns i chose call for Cascade Magnum Chunky Yarn and size 19 24" circular needles. this actually was my first time knitting with such chunky yarn. it goes by so fast, you don't have to wait long for that feeling of accomplishment which is always fun. i bought greys and this lime green color which i love but obviously is not an everyday color. i didn't follow the pattern exactly - the original pattern is a little different in the shoulder seams. the only thing i would do differently is make it longer. you knit from the neckline down and with it being on the circular needle it's hard to judge exactly how it will fit (although in the pattern Karen Clements suggests a method for taking the capelet off the needles to check fit and length - i didn't do that.) plus i was nervous i was going to run out of yarn before i reached the end, even though i could have just undone a few rows if that had happened. it actually fits alex perfectly, as you can see in her modeling it for me photo above, so i might go ahead and let her keep this one (green is her favorite color.) i've started another capelet already in a charcoal grey that i'll hopefully finish up before winter ends.
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