monday manicure

this weekend i attempted that nail polish swirl technique on my nails (you put drops of polish in water, swirl the colors, then dip your nail and voila, swirled nail polish) but it looked like a two year old polished my nails. i will try it again, it obviously takes practice. but i took that lovely swirl polish off my nails and started over with a comic book theme. i just got this new yellow polish, O.P.I. need sunglasses? that i really wanted to use. and i remembered that i had these awesome nail stickers that say BAM in the old school comic book style. so i found a red to match the nail decals called O.P.I. color so hot it berns that i used on my tips (which are finally long enough to paint french tips.) they're so fun and bright, i love them. they make me wish i was going to a comic book themed party or something.
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