shirt sleeve wine bags

my husband makes his own wine, and people love it, so we gift a lot of wine for the holidays. it came upon the holidays this year and i didn't have any wine bags, or they weren't big enough for the large bottles, and i wasn't going to run out to the store last minute. at that point i remembered an idea i saw on pinterest...shirt sleeve wine bags. we had a few old button down shirts that we threw into the paint shirt pile that really didn't need their sleeves to be useful to a five year old painter; and i went into my closet and picked out a few button downs that really don't fit me well anymore and i was holding on to them for no good reason. then i simply measured approximately how tall the bottles were, adding an inch or two for the bottom of the bottles and cut the sleeves off the shirts. turn them inside out and stitch the bottom seam closed, turn them rightside out again and voila you have a fun, unique wine bag perfect for gifting. plus for an added bonus, the buttons on the cuffs make the perfect spot for hanging your gift tag.
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