baby boy shower gifts - part 1

my sister-in-law is soon to have her first baby...and it's a boy! i haven't had a boy to craft for yet, so i immediately went to work creating onesies. this is only part 1 of all my crafting, there's another shower this weekend where i'll be gifting the rest. at the first shower i gave six onesies and a reversible bib. isn't that fabric adorable? i had the pantone color fabric already with no particular plan in mind for it. i found the dinosaur fabric and thought it was too cute to use for a baby boy. first with the dinosaur fabric i cut out and appliqued a dino onto a pin striped onesie. i used fusible facing to adhere the fabric to the onesie and then i hand stitched the edges - i would have used a machine to top stitch but the onesie is so small and stretchy that it was just more enjoyable to hand stitch it. i sketched out a simple bib shape and cut that out with two different fabrics. stitched them with right sides facing together, turned them rightside out and top stitched around the entire bib. i then hand stitched on a snap closure. as for the rest of the onesies here i screenprinted each of them. i keep saying onesies, and you can't tell from this photo, but there is actually a mix of shirts and onesies here. most of the onesies i got are from gap (including the pin striped ones and the airplane patterned onesie) and the rest are american apparel shirts. in the past i had made the "new" onesie before and the copyright onesies which have always been a big hit so i recreated those - changing the year, of course. i drew the plane because it seemed boyish and i didn't have another idea to put on that great plane patterned onesie. the train graphic is one of my favorites and was perfect because my brother-in-law was really into trucks and trains when he was little (like most boys i assume) and in fact still has his train set. and the dump truck is just fun and silly and cute with that whole double entendre thing happening. screenprinting is always at a risk of not printing well or having mistakes and so forth, but i got pretty lucky considering how many gifts i printed this time. most of them came out really nicely and the ones that had mistakes were pretty fixable (and i'm not going to point out the mistakes because i'm not sure they've been noticed.) and i'm super excited to watch my sister-in-law open the part 2 gifts this weekend :) and then show them to you all next week hopefully.
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