the tooth fairy pillow

isn't this the cutest tooth fairy pillow ever! my mom made my tooth fairy pillow when i was a little girl and i knew i had to make alex one, but i couldn't figure out exactly how i wanted it to look. then i stumbled on this cut and sew fabric on spoonflower. it's perfect. i didn't take a picture of his backpack open; however, inside the backpack is where you put the tooth after it falls out. there's graphics of toothpaste and brush inside of the backpack too. this was so easy to make, i hand stitched the entire thing - which i find rather enjoyable to hand stitch whenever plausible. you can buy the cut and sew fabric on spoonflower.com, i believe his name is toothy and he comes in four different backpack colors - of course i chose green since it's alex's favorite color. you cut along all the black edges, stitch the wings first, attach them to the body, stitch the backpack up, attach it to the body, add a snap, then stitch the body and stuff. with hand stitching this entire tooth it still only took me a few nights to create. alex is so excited to put her teeth in the backpack for the tooth fairy; she hopefully has a bit of time though before she loses her first tooth. and i love his tube socks.
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