colorblock nails

i was going to a baby shower this weekend and i was planning on wearing my fabulous fluevog shoes and wanted to match my nails to my shoes. i was going to try making large circles on each nail using garage sale stickers as my masking tape but i couldn't find any in our junk drawer so i went with a straight line color block technique using rice paper tape. the colors i used to match my shoes are: o.p.i. thanks so muchness! and revlon 099 effervescent opal. the thanks so muchness is the red polish and it's from the alice in wonderland set. i painted all my nails with the pale pink first, after my nail strengthener layer of course. then when i thought they were thoroughly dry, i taped off blocks and painted two coats of the red polish. and when they were fairly dry, i peeled the tape off. the lines aren't great - i don't have much skill in getting a clean edge when masking anything. and the tape i used made the pink polish all gummy - well, that could have been due to me not waiting long enough before using the tape. but most of the mistakes are camoflauged when the top coat is added. they still looked nice with my shoes and my outfit and nobody is looking close enough to see the little mistakes anyways.
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