crocheted viking hats

i made more viking hats! woohoo. the first one i made was for a baby shower present: http://boogiebeans.blogspot.com/2012/03/baby-boy-shower-gifts-part-2.html people seemed to like the hat so much that i made more. the top one i made for my friend's birthday - he's a minnesota vikings fan. the colors i used came out a little more retro vikings - not the royal purple that they seem to be today, but i like it, and he seems too. he wore it around the building at work the day he got it - funny thing is, i don't think too many people found it unusual to wear a crocheted viking hat at work. then one of my other friends liked the hat so much and wanted me to make one for her nephew, so i made the brown and gold version for her - i think that's her nephew's school colors. and third, alex liked the hat so much she wanted one. and of course she wanted hers in green, since that is her favorite color. they are so cute, i might have to make myself a pink one :)
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