neon shirt crafting

i always bring lots of crafts and surprises and activities on vacation with us since it's in the back woods of Canada and if there's rain, you need stuff to do. we had a nice mix this year; it started out chillier and rainy and then warmed up, but not too hot. so we didn't do a ton of crafting (time always goes by so fast on holiday), but we did make quite a few shirts. since i like to screenprint i'm always buying blank shirts on sale and setting them aside for later, so i had a few packed to play with. and last year i bought some glow in the dark fabric puffy paint and some neon splatter fabric paint (and last year we did not get around to making a single shirt.) alex and i made 3 shirts each. i love her neon splattered white shirt; so 80s. i tried using the neon splatter on that dark grey shirt which didn't work that great, so i ended up pouring it on pretty thick since the fabric was just soaking up all the color. i also painted some neon striping on one shirt; masking off with blue painters tape. alex really enjoyed using the glow in the dark puffy paint: you can see a drawing of her dog, a shooting star and her bff. i made a little pointilism houndstooth design on one of my shirts with the puffy paint. we had also trying the bleach pen first on that grey shirt and another black shirt: total fail. the bleach did absolutely nothing! we tried a second layer and let it sit overnight before rinsing, but it rinsed out and did not even take away the tiniest bit of color from the shirts. so we reused those shirts with the neon.
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