bear hoodie

this picture is way over-exposed, but i took it real quick with my phone and did an awful job of it. but the hoodie is super cute (and the kid :).) so i crocheted alex this hoodie cowl with ears. how great will this be during the extreme cold winter we're going to get again this year. i am planning on making one for myself as well, but in greys and without the ears (alex said it would be a little weird if mine had ears - basically she called me too old for ears, haha.) this hoodie would be the perfect pattern as well for an ewok costume - just make the hood part a burnt brown/orangish color with the ears brown - it'd be perfect. it's a little big on alex - i made her an adult size since she's always had a larger head than average - but there's still plenty of room now to add earmuffs or layer another hat when it gets really cold out. she wore it yesterday to school and i guess it was a big hit among all the adults :)
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