jig making

for john's birthday, i got him some stuff to get started on making his own jigs (he asked for it - i wouldn't have know what to get or that you even could make your own.) he already was tying his own flies and this took it to another level. i was so impressed and they look great. so he had a mold - that thing with handles that folds in half; lead; melting pot; and hooks. we watched some youtube videos first to make sure we knew what we were doing - i was just there for support; john did it all. so you heat up the mold, melt the lead, lay your hooks into the mold, pour the lead into the mold, and cut off the excess lead. very cool. later he paints them and does the feather tying and such. and a little lead made a lot of jigs. i might be forgetting a step or two, since i was just the observer, but that's the gist and i love the pictures of the molten lead being poured.
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