cat cave

i crocheted blizz (blizzard) a cat cave! i found a free pattern thru pinterest - i think it led me to ravelry, but not sure. i made the cave out of recycled t-shirt yarn that i bought on etsy - which is why it's every color you can imagine, but hey blizz doesn't care about that. i didn't weave in any of my loose ends either. i just made sure they were all on the inside and i tied a knot at the end of each strand; i figured blizz would enjoy playing with the strings and he does. he loved it so much he was trying to lay in it as i was actively crocheting it. after a few weeks of having it, he's hit or miss with it. he still uses it, but not all the time. and in the last picture you can see that lonnie is a little jealous that he doesn't have a giant dog cave to crawl into and sleep all day.
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